The Legacy Event family is ready to help you make your event a success. The ideal spaces for meetings, training, seminars, workshops, and interviews.


Whether you are planning a small board meeting or a large trade show, Concord Church’s more than 60,000 square feet of versatile space can be adapted to meet your needs. Bring us your vision and we’ll help you make it a reality.


Concord Church is located within the Redbird community of Dallas. Redbird is a group of neighborhoods located in the southern Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas. Neighborhoods in the area include Wynnewood Hills, and Elderwoods/Elderoaks. The nearest highway is I-35 E / R.L. Thornton Freeway to the east of the church.

First Floor Event Spaces


The original sanctuary for Concord Dallas Church, Legacy Center is the largest event space at Concord Church. With the addition of Faith Sanctuary as the primary sanctuary, Legacy Center is utilized for private events. With 45’ vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, a built in stage, and audio visual equipment this is the most versatile space within Concord Church. Located on the first floor and near numerous classrooms, which could serve as breakout rooms, this location would be ideal for a general session. Conversely, this majestic room provides an elegant ambiance for all types of social events.


meetings, training, seminars, trade shows/fairs, workshops, holiday parties, banquets, receptions, proms, graduations, class reunions, anniversary parties, wedding related events, funerals/celebration of life, small concerts


The Chapel is located near Legacy Center. Tall ceilings, hard floors, built in stage and natural lighting make this an ideal location for a wedding ceremony. Comfortable upholstered chairs can be arranged as needed.


meetings, training, seminars, trade shows/fairs, workshops, holiday parties, banquets, receptions, proms, graduations, class reunions, anniversary parties, wedding related events


The newest addition to the Concord Church complex is Faith Sanctuary. This location is truly a place of refuge or rest. With a capacity of more than 3,000; and state of the art audio visual equipment, Faith Sanctuary is ideal for general sessions, graduations, and concerts.


meetings, training, seminars, workshops, graduations, funerals/celebration of life, and concerts


Located on the first floor, the Multi-Purpose Room is one of the most functional event spaces at Concord Church. It provides a blank canvas for all types of events. Most frequently utilized for meetings and birthday parties.


meetings, training, seminars, trade shows/fairs, workshops, holiday parties, banquets, receptions, proms, graduations, class reunions, anniversary parties, birthday parties, baby showers


The Foyer of Faith Sanctuary is a beautifully furnished space. This large open floor plan has grand ceilings, a built in fireplace, and natural night. The Foyer is easily accessible from the parking lot on the first floor of Concord Church. Built in registration areas, nearby restroom facilities, and a kitchenette make this the ideal location for your next social gathering.


trade shows/fairs, holiday parties, banquets, receptions, proms, class reunions, anniversary parties

Growth Center

Located on the main floor adjacent to the Foyer, Growth Central is the perfect space for a VIP reception or board meeting. With an attached kitchenette and comfortable lounge seating, this will make planning for your guest hassle free. Easily accessible to parking and restrooms.


meetings, small receptions, trainings, seminar breakout sessions

Ground Floor Event Spaces


Located on the ground floor of the Legacy building, the Fellowship Hall is a wonderful multi-purpose room with attached kitchenette. This event space works well for workshops and social receptions.


meetings, training, seminars, trade shows/fairs, workshops, holiday parties, banquets, receptions, proms, class reunions, anniversary parties, wedding related events

SECOND Floor Event Spaces

Collective of Additional Meeting Rooms

Primarily located on the second floor of the Legacy building are a plethora of small to large classrooms ideal for meetings and breakouts. More than 18 rooms available varying in size from as large as 2,070 sq. ft. (230 seats theatre style) to as small as 224 sq. ft. (25 seats theatre style).



How Large is your venue and what is your capacity?

Legacy Events provides over 350,000 square feet of event space spread on two levels. We can accommodate 300+ people for a Banquet and up to 3100+ for a conference. Depending on your event, Legacy Events would be more than happy to work with you to design an event for whatever size you may choose. Our space can accommodate events from 10 – 3000+ people.

What is included in the event rental?

  • 7 hour rental period (2 hours before for set up and 1 hour after for breakdown) with option to acquire additional hours if needed.
  • Table and chairs (Staff will set the room as you desire)
  • Two floors of space to choose from (insert link here)
  • AV System that can be connected to iPOD’s etc. at no additional charge
  • Wireless internet
  • Easy loading and unloading area
  • 500+ parking spaces
  • Cleaning of the space

How late can we stay?

Legacy Events Facilities closes at 12 midnight. Each event will be asked to end no later than 10:30pm to break down the room within the hour and for security to do a final sweep of the property.

How much time should I allow for my vendors to set-up and tear-down?

This will really depend on your event and is a great conversation to have with your caterer, the vendors and your planner, if you decide to have one! Per contract you will have 2 hours before your start time to set up.  If you decide you need more time, you have the option to acquire additional hours.

Can I Decorate the Space?

Yes! However, decorations can not be nailed, stapled, taped, or otherwise attached to any part of the walls, ceilings, and floors.  Air or helium-filled balloons must be weighted down or tied to chairs.  Glitter and confetti are prohibited.

How many restrooms do you have?

Legacy Events has multiple restrooms that can be utilized by your guests.

May I choose my own vendors?

Yes, at Legacy Events, we firmly believe in giving you the freedom to select all of your own vendors.  If needed, we can provide a vendor list.

Are there adequate kitchen facilities?

We have a newly renovated kitchens & Kitchenettes equipped with a commercial ice maker, & spacious countertops.

Should all food be prepared prior to arriving?

Yes, our kitchens are strictly for prepping.

Can I bring in an outside caterer and will there be a fee for kitchen use?

Yes, all that we require from your caterer is their license of certification 30 days prior to the event, a $200 fee to use our kitchens and complete the kitchens check.

Are you handicap accessible?

Yes, we are handicap accessible. We have an elevator if guests need to get to any floor on our property as several entrances have a flat service.

When can I have my vendors drop off rentals etc.?

This is dependent on when you are getting access to the space and what is worked out between your caterers. We allow access prior to your rental time as long as you clear it with the Events Manager and contingent upon space availability.

Who can I talk to for venue needs on the day of event?

There will be an Events Coordinator on site during your function that can help you with all your needs.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

No, Alcohol is prohibited.

Do we have to clean-up following the event?

We have a cleaning crew on site to service each event. You would be responsible for all of the personal items that were brought in by you and your vendors.

What is the deposit required to hold space and Are deposits refundable?

Depending on your venue we require a $150-$500 non-refundable deposit that will go towards your rental fee.

What is your cancellation policy?

If arrangements for this event are cancelled in full, a cancellation fee will be charged consisting of a percentage of the total anticipated revenue.  All payments of an appropriate sum, less the deposit, will be refunded if the Church, in good faith, is able to resell the subject room(s) without a loss.  All cancellation fees are taxable; the current non-perishable tax rate is 7.85%.

Cancellation fees are as follows:

            More than nine (9) months prior to event date: 20% of the cost of the event.

            Six (6) to nine (9) months prior to event date: 40% of the cost of the event.

            Three (3) to six (6) months prior to event date: 60% of the cost of the event.

            Thirty (30) days to three (3) months prior to event date: 80% of the cost of the event.

            Less than thirty (30) days prior to event date: 100% of the cost of the event.


Cancellation fees will be billed at time of cancellation and is due within 15 days of notice.

If we are holding a wedding ceremony, can we conduct a rehearsal?

Yes! When booking your wedding, you should also book your rehearsal the night before. We are happy to work with you to find the right time to rehearse.

When do we have to pay our balance?

Your initial balance is paid 30 days before your event. If you have additional balance or require additional needs, they will be charged prior to your event.

Is there parking?

Yes! Legacy Events has 800+ parking spots dedicated to the building.

Can we have a live band?

Of course, we encourage it!

Do you require a damage deposit?

There is no damage deposit required, however we require to have a valid credit card and signature on file that will be used to cover any outstanding charges or damages.

Do you have tables and chairs for our event?

Yes! We provide tables and chairs for each event as needed.

Who sets up chairs and tables?

We have our event setup team available to handle your setup needs.

Can we bring in outside furniture?

Yes! Legacy Events is designed so you can model your event how you best see fit. We are happy to suggest vendors for this.

Do you allow candles?

Yes! We allow votive candles, which are enclosed in a glass case, in easily monitored places.

Do you allow confetti or rice?

We prefer you to refrain from these types of items.

Do you have a projector/TV for slide shows or presentations?

We certainly can provide audio visual support for an additional cost

Do we need to hire a planner or day-of-coordinator?

This is definitely not required; however, we fully recommend it as it will make your event less stressful and more enjoyable! Let us know if you need a recommendation!

Can we take a tour of the space?

Yes! We would love the opportunity to show you the building and discuss the details of your event. Please call us at 214.467.6705.  We typically schedule tours from 1pm-7pm Monday- Wednesday and we can also accommodate tours on Saturdays.

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