God calls us to live in relationship with others, so at Concord, we make it easy to find a group that fits your life stage.

We know that growth happens best in relationships with others, so we have a variety of groups to cultivate life-giving relationships for everyone. No matter the season of life you are in, there is a group of believers to support, encourage, and help you grow in spiritual maturity. Grow Groups meet in the community weekly for up to 8 weeks.

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Spring 2019 Classes
• Session #1 (January 28th – March 18th)
• Session #2 (April 22nd – June 10th)

Fall 2019 Classes
• September 30th – November 18th



At Concord, We Grow People, but that can’t happen without people growing people. Being a Grow Group leader isn’t about being perfect, it’s an opportunity for you to use the spiritual gifts God has blessed you with to lead and walk with others in their next steps with Christ. There is simply no replacement for highly invested and gifted group leaders.


Thank you for showing interest in being a Grow Group Leader! We are so excited to get to know you and answer any questions that you have about taking your next step and living out our vision, "We Grow People". Below you will find the registration links for our leader gathering every 4th Sunday of each month!

Virtual Training




Concord University is a variety of classes that the church offers to help educate you on different areas of life. Some of these classes cover topics such as finances, pre-marital counseling, married life, and much more! Get life-changing and biblically sound teaching to help you grow His way!

• September 3rd - September 23rd