Office of the Senior Pastor

Brian L Carter
Senior Pastor
Tracie Cavitt
Office Manager
214-331-8522 x6767

Office of the Executive Pastor

Errol Coner
Executive Pastor
214-331-8522 x6793
Jackie Robinson
Office Manager, Executive Pastor's Office and Ministry & Teaching
214-331-8522 x6712
Nakisha Ortiz
Administrative Assistant, Receptionist
214-331-8522 x6741


Tammy Bunting
Chief Financial Officer
Tori Thompson
Director, Finance
214-331-8522 x6776
Angela Hyman
Staff Accountant
214-331-8522 x67372


Crystal McGruder
Bookstore Manager


Cicely Jefferson
Director, Connections
214-331-8522 x6756
Denise Foxx
Minister of Congregational Care
214-331-8522 x6717
Jeremy Williams
Associate Pastor
214-331-8522 x6773
Monica Oyedele
Administrative Assistant, Care
Cecilia Lara
Connections-Ministry Coordinator/F1 Champion
214-331-8522 x6714

Harmony CDC

Mark Porter
Executive Director, Harmony CDC
214-331-8522 x6753
Candy Bradshaw
Program Director, Harmony CDC
Kayla Lucas Young
Office Administrator, Harmony
214-331-8522 x3932
Brenda Richardson-Rowe
Director, Harmony Counseling Center
Tizita Seifu
Licensed Professional Counselor
214-331-8522 x6754
Heather White
Office Manager, Harmony
214-331-8522 x6789
Naomi Scott
Fund Development Coordinator
214-331-8522 x6749

Grow Team

Aaron Moore
Director, Ministry
Chanel Hogue
Director, Grow Groups
214-331-8522 x6757
Sharice Ferguson
Women's Ministry Coordinator
214-331-8522 x6709
Trip Barefield
Young Adult Pastor
Stephanie Carter
Director, Women's Ministry
214-331-8522 X6745


Marlow Daniel McGuire Sr.
Associate Pastor, Children & Nursery
Talesha Burnley
Children’s Ministry Coordinator
214-331-8522 x6708


DeWayne High
Associate Pastor, Student Ministry
Shara Ray
Ministry Coordinator
Joseph Gill Jr.
Director, Middle School Ministry
Keshawn Hodge
Nursery Manager


Marty McDonald
Director, Marketing & Communications
Telecia Childs
Marketing Manager
214-331-8522 x6759
DeLisha Huff
Social Media Coordinator
214-331-8522 x6788

Human Resources

Felecia Wylie
Director, Human Resources
214-331-8522 x6722
MJ Wall
Human Resources Manager

Production Team

Val Richardson
Executive Producer/Production Lead
Hector Alfaro
Video Engineer
Colin Russell
Audio Engineer

Information Systems

DaMarcus Wright
Systems Administrator
214-331-8522 x6703
Earnest Jammer
Data Analyst

Worship & Fine Arts

S. Michael Greene
Director, Worship & Teaching
214-331-8522 x6739
Gaye Arbuckle
Minister of Music, Worship & Fine Arts
214-331-8522 x6771
Robert Jimmerson
Director, Music
214-331-8522 x6746
LaDarius Waits
Youth Worship/Choir Leader
214-331-8522 x6738
Tia Rudd
Ministry Coordinator/Young Adult Worship Leader


Cedric Brasfield
Director, Operations
Antonia Stewart
Operations Coordinator
Joy Brown
Events Manager
214-331-8522 x6705
Gary Bellamy
Facilities Manager
214-331-8522 x6747
Willis Lockhart
Facilities Technician
214-331-8522 x6721
Timothy Castillo
Facilities Technician
Francisco Guerrero
Events Conversion