I Am Appreciated

Series: Who Am I?

I Am Appreciated

November 10, 2019 | Pastor Bryan L. Carter
Ephesians 1:15-23

There comes a point in our life where we struggle to find our identity. It could be due to a physical change, a job-change, a change of location or a life-changing event. During this time we often wrestling with defining who we are now that we are no longer the person we used to be. Today we will examine the scriptures to see what advice is given to help us during this struggle.


I appreciate you


Paul wrote to the Church to affirm and calls out of them the identity of who they are. It is a reminder that as we grow, we need people around us to affirm and remind us of who we are in Christ. One way is to surround ourselves with our brothers and sisters in Christ, who can look into our lives and celebrate the Christ that is forming in you through your faith. Paul shows us that we can celebrate a person for their progress and not wait until they become “perfect”. He also shows  us that we should celebrate the love in others and they in turn love on others. For it is through our love for God that we are able to love others.


Our identities are under constant attack. Everyday we are faced with the pressures of defining ourselves by our looks, style, money/net-worth, sexuality, friendships/networks, relationship status, our jobs, children/family, social media, etc. Our identity is under attack because the enemy wants us to doubt what God is doing in our lives. Sometimes the dreams that we have can turn into nightmares. This is when we need the Godly people around us to affirm what they see in us. Although it may be dark right now, it does not mean that God is done with his plan for your life. We are not in ourselves but we are in Christ. For when we are in Christ, we have his leadership, his protection, his anointing, his power so that we can face whatever is coming our way. When we root ourselves in Christ, we are able to weather the constantly changing circumstances that come into our lives.


 I am praying for you


We should learn to celebrate and appreciate what God is doing in the life of those around us. We should also learn to pray for others for we cannot truly catch our identity in Christ without relying on the prayers from ourselves and others. We need God to awake us to the fact that we are so much more than our fleshly ways. We need Him to awaken us to the fact that who we are in Him, matters more than anything else. The enemy will use different ways to seep into our lives to steal our identity. For this reason we need to be praying to God to help us catch our identity with who we are in Him. We ought to pray for the great Hope and Power that we have in God. If we look through our own eyes, we cannot see the hope that he has for us. But when He opens our eyes, we can see this great hope that he has for us. Our hope is not built on material things but it is built on Christ!


There is a Power that is working in our lives and is only found in Christ. There is a power that comes in him that lets helps us to live this out boldly. Some of us may have struggled with insecurities for all of our lives but this power that God has placed in us, is incomparably great. God’s power is so great that he raised Jesus from the dead, rolled away the stone and ascended Jesus into heaven. This power allows Jesus to give us everything that we need as we go through this christian life. It gives confidence in God and boldness to face whatever challenges may come our way. 

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