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Below is a list of areas where you can volunteer with the Production Team.  Please review and let us know which areas interest you the most by filling out the Production Team Volunteer Form.

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Director: Serves as the video team leader and operates the video switcher. This position determines and controls what camera shots, videos, and graphics are displayed on the worship center video screens and on the live web broadcast.

Camera Shader: This position operates equipment used to make all our cameras match in color, brightness, and contrast, as well as making various adjustments to equipment as needed by the director.

Camera Operator: Operates the cameras in the middle of the sanctuary, or the handheld camera, or the jib camera.

Graphics Operator: Controls all the song lyrics, message notes, videos, and graphics via ProPresenter that will be displayed on the worship center video screens and live web broadcast.


FOH Audio Engineer: Leads the audio team and operates the front of house audio console.

Monitor Audio Engineer: Operates the monitor audio console and makes adjustments to the Worship Team’s monitor wedges and Avioms.

Broadcast Audio Engineer: Operates the broadcast audio console via Pro Tools that creates and captures the audio mix that is heard on our live web broadcast.

Stage Hand: This position is split into 2 roles: Stage Manager and Stage Tech. The Stage Manager oversees everything moving to/from the stage (singers, pulpit, etc.) and takes direction from the Director or A1. The Stage Tech prepares the wireless microphones and ensures all the musicians’ instruments and Avioms are working properly.

Lighting: Light Board Operator: Operates all conventional, LED, and moving head light fixtures from the lighting console.

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